NEDP Daily Buzz

April 1


It's April Fools Day! Our staff is EXCELLENT at April Fool's pranks and we are happy to share them with you. Parents, you can play these on your kids orrrr you can share this email with your kids before reading the rest and see what surprises come your way...

We'd love to see and hear what you come up with for this year, feel free to share with us!

Some classics from our Eliot friends...

Plastic wrap a shampoo bottle!Unscrew the top, cover the hole where the shampoo comes out, reattach the top. Bam, an unsuspecting victim can't squeeze out a single drop. (Rich)

Freeze the morning cereal the night before. (Editor's Note- I have seen this done and it was brilliant! Katie F)

Or... my personal favorite...

Short sheet the bed, by folding the sheets up underneath the fitted sheet and laying the quilt/ blanket over it. (Tonya)

Ellen submitted this hilarious drink prank below.

Big picture

Ice Cream Prank! (From Kristen of Broadmeadow)

Our Williams Site Coordinator, Katelyn pranked her mom and it was a level 10 prank!
Katelyn's April Fools project/prank
Our Mitchell Site Coordinator, Paige is planning something great for tomorrow! Enjoy the audio cameo from her son, Harry! :)
Paige's April fools Project

Some more great pranks!

Thank you to Michaela from Newman for these ideas...

1. Scrape out the inside of an Oreo and replace with tooth paste

2. Cover raw eggs or veggies in chocolate and try to get someone to take a bite