mutated vegtabales 2


there back and even badder but there ugler

chapter 1 there back

i was trying to go to sleep then i heard rarrrr so i ran down the hallway it was a snake that was made capcican so i hid under my bed in my room then i saw skinny and slender legs then i peeked out it was this weird creture it looked like yoda but more disgusting so i quickly rang lisa and she yelled HELP!!!

chapter 2 infection

i told her to be quite then it stared at me so i threw my phone at it and ran away and it had my sisters braclet on and it was her so i threw some soft drink at her and she healed somehow but then we got all of my friends then i had a car crash and only me lisa hugh jaymie and my sister got away so we went to the school and we drove miss weaver's car to the airport then we found miss weaver and her three sons.

chapter 3 to paris again

we told miss weaver we crashed her car into her house and some cupcakes edupted miss weaver's yongest son and he screamed so me and hugh drove the plane then we crashed in paris then we saw a giant yoda thing and a giant pumkin and we healed the yoda creature and it made all the yoda creatures and when they where yoda things then the pumkin ate me and then it exploded but then i turned into a yoda thing.

chapter 4 the tunnels

then i bit almost everybody exept lisa jaymie my sister and hugh then they soft drinked me then we flew the plane to my sisters school and we went and lisa found tunnels.

chapter 5 tunnel 1

we went through tunnel 1 and another giant pumkin ate lt my friend's then i fed it popping candy then i got eaten then i got another popping candy packet

chapter 6 tunnel 2

the next tunnel looked weird was weird so i shoved my sister in it then a olive grabed her shoe and she kicked it then a herd of olive's and they dug then my sister fell and the olives bit her then she turned.

chapter 7 the whole world is infected

me lisa jaymie and hugh ran then jaymie turned then bit lisa so me and hugh hid but hugh did not notice he got bit then i ran to the airport and flew to the eiffle tower and i got lots of soft drink then POP! every one was back to normall