The History of Health Care

The Impact of Events and People on the Health Care Industry


  • Research the historical significance of health care
  • Identify key events in history of health care
  • Recognize people in history who have impacted the health care industry and their contributions to it

Medical Milestone Timeline Assignment

1. Group of 3-4 learners
2. Choose two or three milestones from each of the periods listed below:
  • Ancient Times
  • Egyptians
  • Jewish Medicine
  • Greek Medicine
  • Roman Medicine
  • Dark Ages (400-800 A.D.)
  • Middle Ages (800-1400 A.D.)
  • Renaissance Medicine (1350-1650 A.D.)
  • 16th and 17th Century
  • 18th Century
  • 19th and 20th Century
  • 1900 to 1945
  • 1945 to 1975
  • 1975 to present

3. Create a timeline from these milestones.

4. Explain each milestone and how it contributed to the advancement of medicine.

5. The timeline should be creative and should include picture illustrations.

6. This will be a group presentation, with all members of the group participating in the presentation.

7. 20% Communication grade; 30% Content grade; and 50% CT/PS grade

DUE: Tuesday, January 27th.

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