How to use a Compass

By: BreAnna Berghoff

The Compass

The compass is a tool that was first invented in China. The very first compass was made of rock call magnetite and was invented in 2nd century BC and 1st century AD. The compass was then updated to a needle.

The compass is used to show witch direction of north or south if you are close to the north pole, and if you are close to the south pole, it shows the direction of south. The compass does not tell you what direction to go in, that is the gps's job.

NORTH: Say you are lost in the woods, and you need to find a way out, but the only thing you have that will help you get out of the woods is a compass. If your on the north side of the equator your compass will need to be facing north. Once you find the direction of north you should know what way South, West and East are. Then you should be able to get out of the woods. (When you read a compass, and your looking for the north direction, the red part of the needle should be facing north.)

SOUTH: If you are on the south side of the equator, then the needle in the compass will need to be facing south. The south side of the equator, is different than the north side, so if you are on the south side North, South, East, West is all in a different direction than in the north.

Equator: If you are standing where the equator is, a compass won't be much help if you are lost because the compass will just spin. It won't point to the North Pole or the South Pole.