OTE Star Staff News

November 26- December 7

Next Week...

Monday, Nov 26

Mya Off Campus (District Meetings)

Welcome Melissa Bodine!

Treasure Island 4th & 5th grade 9:00am

Tuesday, Nov 27

Minor’s Coaching Day

Fall Picture Retakes

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

4th grade Technology & ½ day planning

Wednesday, Nov 28

Popcorn day

Star Texan Character Awards 3rd – 5th 7:45am

Mya’s Coaching Day

SLT Meeting 3:10pm

Thursday, Nov 29

1st grade ½ day planning & Technology

Principal’s Coffee in Library 8:00am

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Friday, Nov 30

Star Texan Character Awards Kg – 2nd 7:45am

CAT Mtg 8:50am

SST Mtg 3rd – 5th grade

Happy Birthday Vicki Brown!

This Week in Pictures...

Tech Tools...

Leslie's Google Tip of the Week-->http://www.smore.com/70rj-google-smart-tip-of-the-week

Check out -->http://www.eduhound.com/ A great publication for educators!

Thank you Leslie!

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Virginia Vandiver, 5th grade teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week! You are entitled to a five-day jeans pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week! Thank you for all you do for our Star Texan community Virginia!

BIG Thanks to Angela Schaack and 4th Grade Team for another great Career Day event! Congratulations to our Kinder Team and parent volunteers for another awesome Fall Festival! We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Be sure to thank a PTA member for the yummy pies generously given this week! What a treat!

What another full week! Thank each of you as always for another great week of teaching and learning!

Have a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Break with your sweet families!

I Will Survive Thanksgiving

The Week After...

Upcoming Events:

Monday, Dec 3

Mya’s Coaching Day

4th grade Author visit

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Tuesday, Dec 4

Minor’s Coaching Day

2nd Grade Technology and 1/2 Day Planning

5th grade spinal screening

Wednesday, Dec 5

Mya’s Coaching Day

Early release day 12:45pm- Creating Rigorous Common Assessments (Reading)

PTA staff luncheon (Science Lab)

DAC meeting 4:30pm

Thursday, Dec 6

ARD Mtg (see separate schedule)

Fire Drill 8:15am

5th grade spinal screening

RRHS Feeder Focus Discussion @OTE 9:30am

Lunch with Dad!

SBAC Mtg 3:10pm

Friday, Dec 7

CAT Mtg 8:50am

SST Mtg Kg – 2nd (Data Checkpoint)

The Nutcracker 1st grade 9:00am

Saturday, Dec 8

OTE Schlozsky’s Spirit Lunch

Barnes and Nobles Story Time with OTE Teachers 11:00am

Sunday, Dec 9

Happy Birthday Mackie Flansburg!

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