You can make a diference

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The world needs Your help

Are you overweight? If you were to average the whole world on their weight.(children and teens excluded.) Also, it adds up to 80.7 kg. (178 pounds.) “Out of america the adult needs 2 hours and 30 minute of exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Amazingly, out of 1.65 billion adults in the world only 20% get that amount needed.” From http://www.cdc.gov. By exercising you have many advantages and benefits that obese people don't have. according to http://lifehacker.com. The average mile time for an adult is 12-15 minutes. 4 basic types of exercise, Balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength. Therefore, if you don’t exercise you should start.

Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm:

You are mentally supported and helps you think of being “healthier and avoiding depression.” When you are healthier research compares your moods, when you are overweight you have self confidence problems. living healthier also can allow your body to last longer. You can have a positive outcome and encourage other people to do the same thing. Be able to talk about your journey.

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm:

Have a shorter lifespan. Feel crappy. Most people that face depression are overweight. Children that are overweight, are most likely to commit suicide. Not be able to help otro people.