Girls on the Run Weekly Newsletter

The week of March 15th, 2015

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Letter to Parents/Guardians...

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This week at Girls on the Run we talk about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. In Lesson 5, we discuss ways to have healthy nutrition, healthy habits and regular physical activity. The girls learn about all the food groups, moderation and balance. We do activities related to moderation in all parts of life!

In Lesson 6, we introduce what it means to be emotionally healthy. The girls explore the different emotions they have and discuss how experiencing uncomfortable emotions makes them feel. The girls will learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy way through activities! The girls will take time at the end of the lesson to individually think about their emotions while running.


Girls on the Run Coaches


Your girl on the run will need a few items by April 6th.

  • white t-shirt with nothing on it (round neck, not v-neck)
  • white long socks with nothing on it (preferably to the knee)

Talk with your Girl on the Run...

Talk with your Girl on the Run…

1. Why is it important to be physically healthy?

2. What is one thing you plan to do to improve your nutrition and healthy habits?

3. Why is it important to let our friends and family feel all of their emotions, even if it makes us uncomfortable?

4. Let’s take a minute to be quiet, breathe deeply and then share what we are feeling.