Agricultural Engineer

By Jacob Huben 2nd Hour Science.

"Farming the Heartland"

To do the job you need to work with the animals and work on tractors. Plus planting, harvesting, cultivating and plowing the fields.

*There is a lot of work to do when you are a farmer.

*They are working the most in the spring and fall.

*Spring getting the fields ready for planting and they got to fertilize them and disk them two or three time.

*Fall is harvesting and plowing but some don't plow this is called no-till.

*Harvesting is when you get most of the crops off.

*In summer you do alfalfa because it doesn't grow tell then.

Pros and cons

Pros. Cons

Get to help out a farmer

Get mechanic skills.

Grow food for other people.

Tractor because they are awesome

Then you can help out other farmers.

fix there machines

There is a opening for the job.

You can work with cows.

There are a lot of farms in the area


Not high paying

No collage close to go to to work with the animals

You get dirty a lot

Not a good job for city slickers

You might have to work into the night

Over time in harvest time

Work in winter

Might need to spread manure

You don't need any high schooling

If you want to work with the cows you need bachelor degree

Job advertisement

Do you like working outside and on a farm if you do this if for you. This is Agricultural engineers. If you can work on tractors and farm the land. You can make money and make for for other people. Then you can work with caws if you have a diploma. Hope to see you there if you want to. You make $16,240 to $34,130 per year. You don't need a high school diploma to work in the farm but the live stock you do. Call 1-888-936-7463.

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