Travel to Hawai'i

Reasons why Hawai'i is one of the leading visitor destinations in the world

1.The excellent natural beauty of the islands;

2.There has comfortable and pleasant tropical climate;

3.The infrastructure for all levels of vistors is reasonable;

4.The reputation of Hawai'ian hospitality

The location of Hawai'i

The state of Hawaii is located in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, about 3,200 kilomoeters from the coast of the Continental United States.Hawai'i Standard Time is three hours behind the west coast during daylight savings months, and otherwise two hours behind.Hawai'i is made up of 8 main islands:Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Niihau.

The delicious food in Hawai'i

We can find that there are many kinds of delicious food in Hawai'i.
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The activities that we can have in Hawai'i

One of the most beautiful sights in Hawai'i is its ocean!