Shoreline Erosion and Deposition


Wave Energy

When a wind energy starts to go up and curve into a ripple It is called a wave. When wind is blowing and moving fast it can make a bigger wave. Wave's can travel hundreds or possibly thousands of kilometers which is from a storm before even coming to reach the shore line.

Wave Trains

Now I know what your thinking! You are thinking a train that carry's a wave right? Well if you were thinking that you thought wrong, a wave train is when the waves travel in groups like when one wave starts a ripple all the other waves join along in the ripple. It is like a train when one cart moves all the other carts that are connected move with it!


The last thing I need to talk to you guys about is wave's. Waves are very unique waters. There is so much you might don't know about waves. Sea stacks, sea arches, sea caves, headlands, and wave-cut terraces. are all different wave effects on mountains or on beaches.