ESOL Department

Professional Learning Community

December 4, 2014

Learning Targets: I can...

  • articulate what I know about new state assessments.
  • use the PARCC website to find relevant information about assessments.
  • explain how I can apply what I have learned in my classroom with students of different proficiency levels.
  • visualize how I will be able to use new activities, strategies, and research to improve my instruction.
  • describe the new ELP standards and how I will intentionally integrate them into my planning.



Student Lists-Update

Material Wants/Needs-Google Form

OTELA Test Dates: January 20-February 13??

Next Generation Assessment Data

Material Requests


Padlet Assessment Review: Think-Pair-Share

ELA PARCC Scavenger Hunt: In grade level partners

Socrative Question-spitzl102A

ELPA 21 Standards Training-12:00-3:00

Heidi Messbarger-Hamilton County Educational Service Center Title III Consultant