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Uranus By:Nick Vernars

Physical Properties

Uranus has 27 moons, When the Voyager 2 went to Uranus it identify 13 moons.
Uranus is made up of 82.5 of hydrogen 15.2 of helium and 2.3 of methane.
It has a liquid icy center. The biggest moon is called Ariel.


If you would try to land a spacecraft on Uranus you probably wont because its a big ball of gas and ice you probably would sink down to the upper atmosphere and then sink down to the bottom of the liquid icy center. It only has 13 rings and you probably would not be able to see them because Uranus barely has any rings.


The orbit around the sun for Uranus is 1,783,744,300 miles around the sun.
For 1 whole turn it takes 17.2 hours for a whole day.


It is the 7th farthest planet from the sun.
It is the 4th biggest planet in our solar system.
Since Uranus is so far from the sun it can get very very cold.

Uranus Moon Ariel

What is Uranus?