The Patriot Party

Helping to create the American Dream

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Who We Are

The Patriot Party is a moderate to conservative party whose main purpose is not to please other government officials but the people of America. Our party's symbol is the Statue of Liberty because she represents the American dream, and we want every citizen the opportunity to have this dream by creating a strong country. We represent new ideas as well as supporting laws all ready in place that benefit the American people. We support bringing back more jobs to America, privatized health care, limited gun control, and many more smart ideas to better our country.

Why Join Us?

The Patriot Party was formed with the goal in mind of trying better our country through hard work. This party will fight for what is right for this country no matter what because we want the citizens of this great nation to have what the founding fathers wanted; a chance of a life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We know it will not be easy to bring our new ideas and plans to the table but change is good and that's what we are. The Patriot Party was founded for the people, by the people, and that who we are going to serve.

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