Are You Cyberbullied?

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What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is when people use the internet, mobile phones, and other technology to target a certain young adult or child, by sending or posting mean and hurtful messages to them. This is usually done through social networks, text messaging, email, chat rooms and online games.

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Strategies to use if you are a victim of cyber bullying:

• Ignore the bully and don’t show any reaction to the hurtful comments, as that can sometimes be what encourages the bully to continue the behaviour.

• Record all messages you receive from the bully because that is a useful way of identifying the bully, and knowing what that person has actually done to you, when showing an adult or someone who can help you stop it.

• Talk to a trusted adult, preferably your parents, a school teacher or principal, counsellors or even a police officer, to get advice on how to handle the situation.

• You could talk to a friend so you can get some support when you may be feeling upset.

• Don’t communicate with the bully at any time. Also try blocking their phone number so you no longer get texts or calls from them.

• Check, if you are being bullied on a website, if the bully is going against the terms of use, this way if they are, they will most likely be kicked off the site.

• If it becomes really bad you may consider getting a new email and/or phone number, so the bully can no longer contact you.

• Don’t at any stage try and get back at the bully, as this will only make things worse, and you are most likely to get into trouble as well.

• Give yourself some time away from technology, so that you can take a break and forget about the situation for a while.

• Don't believe the bully ever! It just destroys your self esteem and you have done nothing wrong, so why should you be the one getting hurt?

• Do not forward the comments or pictures the bully has sent to you, to others, as that only makes the problem bigger by getting more people involved.

• Never fear to call the kids helpline on 1800 55 1800, or email them for advice on how to stop you're cyberbullying situation.