1st Grade News

October 16-20,2017


This week is 1st Grade Library week - remember to return library books to school

Oct. 17 Fall PICTURE Day

Oct. 18 PLEASE BRING A HARD BOILED egg with a "nest" of their choosing to keep the egg in and we will be doing a variety of interactive activities throughout the day.

Oct. 20 Rachel's Challenge Pep Rally

Week of Oct. 23 will be Red Ribbon Week - Here is the information you will need to know: RED RIBBON WEEK 2017

What are we learning this week?


Addition and Subtraction to 10,

Solving problems different ways: using a number line, ten frames, drawing and number sentences.


Map skills

Nonfiction text features


Writing fictional and expository text


Using the life cycle of chicks , students will apply knowledge of life cycles & resembling parents

Calling All OC Taylor Tigers - Time for our Annual Storytime Pumpkin Patch

Jackets, Water Bottles, and Lunch Boxes

It will soon be that time of year where we need a jacket in the mornings. Please make sure that your student's name is in their jacket, on their water bottles, and in their lunchboxes. This helps us ensure that they get returned. Thank you!


Your student will be bringing home a new "word" list this week (It may be a picture sort.) This list is designed to help them fill in gaps in their spelling where your specific student is struggling. We learn spelling rules and patterns, not memorization of the words. These lists will look different than past spelling lists. We have also sent home a list of ideas to help. We practice these words for two weeks at school and then assess. Your student will have the list on their ipad, at school, and one list at home.

Veteran's Day

Please see the link for information on Veteran's Day from Mrs. Vencill.

Veteran's Day

We are singing a new song during the Rachel's Challenge Rally, on Friday, Oct. 20 so here is a link to the song and the lyrics so the students can practice.

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