Massachusetts Colony

By Emy and Timmy

Who founded are colony

Are colony ,Massachusetts, was founded by a wealthy lawyer, and negotiator who was going to help the puritans establish a new colony. His name is John Winthrop

What region was are colony in?

our colony, Massachusetts, is in a cold and warm region in England. During that time the winters were harsh and cold, yet in the summer its warm and nice climate. Are region is located in England.

What year was it founded?

John Withdrop sailed out to find a colony for the Puritans. he was wealthy and a good negotiator so took a while to find a colony. He founded Massachusetts in 1630.

Why was it founded?

our colony was founded because the puritans hired John Winthrop to find a colony for them. They wanted to find a colony because they wanted to establish a colony. Then there they started to have freedom of religion because there they decided to have lots of churches scattered around to spread religion.

What was its geography and climate

During that time in the winter it was a mild time. Not that cold and not as much storms. It was located in a flat area, close to a water resource. During the time in the summer it was a good time, it wasn't as hot and it rained a good average of time.