Garrison Foulk

3rd hour

Hobbies and Activities

My hobbies that i like to do when I am out of school is I like to go to the river and ride 4wheelers with my friends and i also like to play baseball and football and i like to fish and hunt and drive around with my friends i aslo lie to workout and


I have gone to Buhler schools all my life and some of my favorite memories are playing baseball in p.e. in 7th grade. I don't really have favorite teachers all of my teachers are pretty cool. When i graduate high school I wan't to go to Alabama for football and if i don't go there ill go to a college in Oklahoma for welding so i can be a welder.


I live at my house with my Mom Dad and Sister there names are Terri Gregg and London

My Mom has one sister and her name is Janie and she lives in hutchinson my Dad has one brother his name is Garrick he lives in wichita.

Famous person

My favorite famous person is Troy Polamalu he is my role model because he plays football for my favorite team and he is really good at football. And i hope to be as good as him one day.
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Health and Concerns

I'm not allergic to a lot of things except cats my eyes swell up when i'm around cats. but thats about all i'm not allergic to any foods.

Contac information

My moms name is Terri and her number is 6202000690 my dads name is Gregg and his number is 3166516927