The Reformation

Ms Richardson 01

What was the change about.

The reformation was between the Catholic Church, Martin Luther and Protestants it was all about how the church is messed up with people bribing priests so they could be forgiven or be no longer excommunicated it also brought up facts about how the church was lieing to its own people.

Actual change in the church!

When Martin Luther wrote the 95 thesis and the Reformation also he translated the bible into German so the church could no longer lie about what it said in the bible. you could see change very soon it questioned the church and made the church have to come back with a " counter reformation ".

People who made a difference!

Change to this present day

How it affected society

The reformation effected society by making people question the church like why would they lie and bribe to them? and if god was real why did the black plaque happen why did God send it to them. It also lead to a the scientific revolution ( the study of astronomy )

How it affects society today.

Today the reformation lead us to not trust in the church as much as we use too, aside from that we also got a new branch of Catholic Church