Jackson: Hero? Or Criminal?

Jackson. Is he really who you think he is? Find out here.

Trail of Tears/Worchester vs. Georgia/Indian Removal act.

In the early 1830's, gold was discovered in Cherokee land in Georgia.Many settlers craved this land, and when Georgia threatened to take it, the Cherokee took it to court and sued Georgia in Worchester vs. Georgia. Cherokee also were able to secure their land in this court case. However Jackson ignored the court ruling, and signed the Indian removal act, forcing Cherokee of their land. The Cherokee were promised a physician, and protection, but never got it. Over 4000 Cherokee died on the long march to Oklahoma.

Killing the National Bank.

President Jackson strongly opposed the national bank. He felt it only helped the rich class, and left the poor and middle class behind. The annual renewal of the national bank went to Jackson, and he vetoed it. He destroyed the national bank for the poor and middle classes.

War Hero.

The War of 1812 had been over for a while, but Jackson and his troops who were stationed in New Orleans never got the message. British troops were unaware as well, and marched through New Orleans. Jackson and his troops dug trenches and used it to demolish British troops. The last battle of the war, Jackson was hailed as a war hero for,"winning the war."
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King Andrew Political Cartoon.

This cartoon shows Jackson dressed as a king, and he is stepping on the constitution. He has a paper in his hand that says VETO. This is because some viewed Jackson as a tyrannical ruler, disregarding the constitution. This is shown in The Trail of Tears when jackson disregarded the courts ruling, and let Georgia take Cherokee land.

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Oh my gosh. This dude is such a criminal! If u dont think so, fight me. He forced us off our land, when we already had permission to keep it! Sure, maybe he did some good things, like in New Orleans, but that doesn't justify his actions of forcing us off OUR land illegally! Some one should have arrested him gosh darn! He doesn't deserve all off this credit for being such a great dude!!!!!!!!

Soldier Al.

HERO! I remember in New Orleans ol' AJ (thats what his friends call em) helped us soldiers survive an' thrive. He had the great idea to dig a trench, so we could easily kill those brits. Also, if you think the trail o' tears was that bad, just remember manifest destiny. Plus, those pesky natives were on our land! I don't care if ,"they were there first." They were invadin' 'merican soil, and sittin' on our gold! Ol' AJ did what he knew would benefit the 'merican people, an' i'm mighty grateful for what he did. He risked his job, (takin' down the national bank). his reputation, (Trail of tears) and his LIFE!! (battle of New Orleans) He continues to inspire us today, as a gosh darn model for an american citizen!