Inspirational writing project

Reuben Muraga

Paul Mwangi- my Dad

What made you want to come to America? And can you tell me a little bit about where you come from?

Dad's response: I came to America because I knew that living their would give me a better oppertunity for myself and future family.

Me: can you tell me a little about your background?

Dad: I am from Kinagope, Kenya, I was one of ten siblings, the third oldest, and I went to a primary school. We were very poor and my father use to drive cabs, but I wanted a better future.

How were you able to accomplish that goal?

Dad's response: I got help from my friends, family, and community to raise money for me to get a college scholarship. When I was accepted by a scholarship I was enrolled in duke university, but when tuition got too expensive, I enrolled into Pittsburg in 1991.

So when you came to America how much money did you have?

Dads response: I had 174 dollars between me and poverty when I came to America, that was about 5,000 Kenyan shillings and no further funding from home.

Me: that was all you had?

Dad: that was all I had.

Me: so what did you do of money?

Dad: I worked as a night aid, a person that checks people in in out of the building at night. I also did many different odd jobs like cleaning toilets, working in restaurants, not getting any sleep and still trying to getting a high GPA and getting on the deans list.

What were you doing in collage?

Me: what degree did you try to master?

Dad: I was trying to get a masters degree in economics, so to do that it had to take many classes to fulfill that major. Plus I had to work all those jobs to provide for myself, which I had no help from my family at home, I had no family or friends in America to turn to help for either.

Me: so you really didn't have any friends or family to help you out then?

Dad: yes, in fact I was the one to bring my family their in the first place, I brought my other 5 siblings, and my dad later on.

Me: all because of you.

Dad: all because of me.

How old were you when you finished collage, and what were your plans for the future?

Dads response: I was 30 when I completed college in 1996, even though I was out I still had quite a bit of debt to pay and still had many odd jobs to work.

Me: so what were your plans for the future then?

Dad: I want to become a banker, that was my target career, but for a while I wanted to be an economic worker that brings up the economies of poorer areas but that require a lot of moving so I let that go.

Where did you meet mom?

Dads response: I met you mom right before I graduated in 1996, I was in Pittsburg and I met her on her birthday. We dated for a short period of time and then in 1997 we got married.

Me: then a year after that you had my sister lexus.

Dad: yes in 1998 we had your sister Lexus, and a year later you were born.

When did you move to Atlanta where did you work?

Dad's response: we moved to Atlanta in 1997 so I could work in the bank although at the same time I was working at the airport.

Me: you worked at the airport? I had no idea, how long were you working there?

Dad: I worked as a bag checker on the ground floor until you kids were about five. You didn't know?

Me: no I had no idea.

Dad: yeah I did, but it didn't take until we moved to Boston in 2005 for me to become a manager of the work place.

What do you do now and what are your some of your accomplished business plans and future business plans?

Dad's response: now I am the manager of this company that works with many different bank companies like chase, PNC, and Wells Fargo, and the thing we do is manage their corporate accounts and treasury.

Me: what about your work in Kenya.

Dad: I also have, in the last several years, built an apartment building in Kenya and in the future I hope to expand that business.

What are you most proud of and how do you help out family in Kenya?

Dad's response: I am most proud of my loving family that I am able to support, I believe that the only thing that matters is having a good family and people who love you and nothing else matters. As for my family back home, I learned a long time ago, with my large family, is that we are a unit that looks after each other. I helped 5 other siblings of mine here to America, and throughout college I gave my back to my family and I continue to do so today.

What do you believe to be the reason you succeeded with those plans?

Dad's response: I was able to succeed because I was faithful to god, I believed in his plans for me and I was able to fulfill them. I did good in school, I studied and worked hard, and stayed away from any trouble. I surrounded myself with good people, who brought me up and dream and I am great full every day for having that.