Unified Arts Weekly Update


May 11th to May 15th

Activities, Resources, and Opportunities

The following resources and suggested activities are being provided to assist you with various learning activities and opportunities. Please consider having your child/ children participate in any of the below activities that spark an interest in them. These are some great activities to keep a student engaged and learning.

Art: Mr. Arthers

Guidance: Mr. Schriver

Music: Mr. Viera

Phys.Ed/Health: Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library: Mrs. Jarret

Art - Quarantine Art Restage

Big picture
Big picture

Music - Name that Tune?!?!?

Guess the Disney Song

Can you name any Disney song? Here’s a short quiz that will test that! You get 1 point for knowing the song name and 1 point for knowing what movie it came from. I got a perfect score with 12 points let me know which ones stumped you and what score you got!

Mr. Viera

(Oh my - Mrs. Jarret only got a score of 5 :( )


Guidance - Greetings from the Counselor!

As I sit here writing this weeks lesson/ideas I am looking out my sliding glass door seeing nothing but green grass, trees getting green bits on them and no snow anywhere in sight!! I hope you are all enjoying the change in the weather as much as I am. With all of this new growth out there I thought we could focus on some new growth within ourselves.

The first activity is a story about letting go of the things that upset us and to look at them in a way that might change how we see or react to these unexpected or unwanted situations. This story comes from a great book, Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book, by Eline Snel. The book offers loads of activities for individuals and families that will help us in keeping calm and enjoying what is around us.

There was once a king who lived in a big castle surrounded by an enormous lawn that he was very proud of. He wanted the lawn to be a fresh green color and always cut short. He loved it like crazy and never wanted to see weeds in it or even one dandelion. An army of gardeners took care of this lawn and primped and pampered it day and night. One morning as the king was taking a walk, he found a dandelion!! It was yellow and beautiful, but he went into a fit of anger and pulled out the flower, shouting: “Throw half my gardeners in prison!” A few days passed. Half the gardeners were pining away in prison. But one morning, the king discovered three dandelions!!! He went into an awful rage and shouted: “Send all my gardeners away, and bring me some who can protect my lawn!” That’s when I approached him and said, “Your Majesty, if you send away all your gardeners, the dandelions will overrun your whole lawn. In life, there are things that we don’t like, and getting angry won’t prevent them. They happen anyway. The only solution is to accept them. And sometimes, with time, you even get to like them.” The months passed. The dandelions bothered the king less and less. He even thought the little flowers were rather pretty. And since then, he discovered a new joy: he loves blowing the seeds off dandelions! At that moment, he liberated all the gardeners from jail.

So our lives are just like the king’s life. We see things that upset us, or something does not go our way and we get upset and take our anger out on those around us. And, just as the king needed someone to help him see the dandelions in a different way, sometimes we need help in seeing how to look at what upsets us and turn it into something better. Another reason I love this story, is that it reminds me that one of the first colors we see in spring, other than green, is the yellow of dandelions and bees. The dandelion is one of the very first foods that the bees use when they wake up for the spring and it helps them in making wonderful honey. So go outside and watch the bees, from a safe distance of at least six feet, social isolation you know.

Enjoy nature and seeing how everything is a part of or needed by something.

Mr. Schriver

Guidance - Activity #2

Another activity you can do outside with a family member, is to find a nice spot where you can both sit down comfortably and face each other. This activity lets us use our eyes, lets us truly see someone, without using our head.

As you are looking at each other, what do you see? As you look into their eyes, do you see more than one color? Can you see yourself in their eyes? When you look at their hair, what color do you see? Is their hair like your hair or completely different? What do you see when they smile at you? Can you see the emotions that the other person is feeling? Is his/her mouth the only part of them that is smiling?

When you look at each other this way, you are looking at them in a new way and that is something special that you can share with that person.

I hope you enjoy these activities and stories as much as I do and I will see you guys with next weeks lesson.

Mr. Schriver

Music - Music Matching

This game is a great way to learn musical symbols. Check it out, and let me know which symbols you remember or how fast you could do it. I finished it in 1 minute and 3 seconds.

The Music Memory Game


Mr. Viera

P.E./ Health

This week's PE/Health exercise is to create a short video of yourself doing your favorite outdoor activity. Keep it short and fun. I would think that 5-10 minutes would work fine but it's up to you. Try and include in your video what aspects of PE and/or Health it benefits. Think back to the Wellness Triangle and the three sides: Physical, Social and Mental/Emotional Health.

If your activity is more physical in nature ask yourself which of the five components of Physical Health does it target? They would include: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Body Composition.

Keep Your Distance...Stay Safe...Have Fun!

Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library - What is a computer?

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to share some videos about computers. To begin, what is a computer? What makes something a computer?

Find out what is required for something to be called a computer, and check out the history of computers!!

Mrs. J

How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer, a Computer?

Technology/Library - Binary Alphabet

Computers don't use an alphabet like we do. A computer's language is called Binary. Look at the binary alphabet pictured below.

Can you write your name so that a computer could understand it?

Can you decode this message?

1001000-1000001-1010110-1000101 1000001 1000111-1001111-1001111-1000100


Mrs. J

Big picture
Big picture