Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism-Cooper Wolfgram

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Since Prince Shotoku supported Buddhism it spread very quickly. It didn't replace Japan's original religion of Shinto it was merged with. Buddhism was an influence to China as well as Japan. It was mostly the wealthy class to first follow the religion, then it traveled to the middle and lower class. Different ways of Buddhism were taught all around Japan. Most Shinto followers kept a nice complex where to focus on the belief.

Zen Buddhism

The Japanese had adopted the Buddhism religion from the Chinese. In the early 1100's Zen flourished throughout the empire and became very popular. It influenced self-discipline, simplicity, and meditation. Zen means meditation. Zen was a great influence to all of Japan. The Japanese samurai used this to their advantage, they believed that inner peace would help them concentrate better in battle. Zen was a very simple religion. Some artists favored this because of the simplicity and boldness. Zen focused on inner peace rather than salvation.

Buddhism / Zen

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