book talk

Mark of athena


         The plot of my book is this. 7 Dimegods are trying to save the world from the earth goddes Geae. who is going to inslave man kind. They first go to rome to get percy. But when leo gets possesed and shots at rome the romans get very very angry an try to kill them.They escape and go to alanta to find clues to where the mark of Athena is then they start to travel across the mare nostrum. There they meet hurcules who they find to be very mean. Then they eventuley find the mark is in rome so they go back to rome. Will they find the mark. will they die read the mark of Athena to find out.


The setting in the mark of Athena is in the USA,Italy,And the Mare nostrume. The us is important because that is how they find out where the mark of athena is.The mare nostrum is important because alot of the conflict happens there. Italy is important because that is where. The climax happens. The theme is never give up. The chareters are very spical in many ways. percy can controll water leo can control fire frank can shape shift hazel can make precious metals. Anabeth is very smart Jason can control lightning and piper can charm speak.


My reaction to this book was wow this is good. I thought in the begining it was ok but when i finished it it was epic. All of the chaecters evolved. The setting was perfect the plot was good so all in all this is a good book.