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April 2020

All Is Well

We want to let you know that in the mist of this pandemic we are continuing to do our best to maintain the health and safety of our kids and staff. Although very few people are permitted in our building currently, we require them to wear a mask which we can provide for them if necessary. We appreciate everyone's cooperation, as many correctional facilities around our state and country have been hit hard with the Corona Virus and we are doing our best to keep it out of ours.

Thank You Reva and Alexis!

Reva Keaton is one of our administrators here, and she's been working very hard to keep our kids and staff healthy! She made more than 45 masks that are worn daily in our building. Her efforts are appreciated and her kindness inspiring! Reva and Alexis Lee (Social Worker) combined forces and made masks for all of the Juvenile and Probate Court personnel as well! You can see more of Reva's acts of kindness by searching becausekindness.medina on Instagram.

Education In Action

In our March newsletter we explained how we have adjusted our daily schedule and how we are moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to take a moment to thank a couple of folks who have worked with us, and technology, to keep our kids' schedule filled with productive activities. Check them out below.

Teacher Jim Thomas

Each day, Mr. Thomas' students have a schedule of assignments that he provides for them in the subject ares of health, science, history, and language arts. Textbooks have been made available in each or our three living units for students to use. In addition to these daily assignments, Mr. Thomas presents a live lesson to the residents each morning using the Google Meet app. These lessons are centered on the TeachRock.org curriculum. As an example, they recently studied a lesson on Elvis Presley and race relations in 1950's America. Students viewed video and audio clips of music, and interviews with people who lived through the era and explored informational texts. They studied the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling. Throughout the lessons they answer probing questions while investigating the lesson's overarching question: How did Elvis' early career reflect race relations and racial tension in 1950's America? In working through these lessons, students explore cultural, social and musical issues as they relate to the evolution of Rock and Roll music.

"Presenting these live lessons gives me the opportunity to interact with my students on a daily basis, which is so important when I can't be present in the building. I'm looking forward to getting back to the JDC in person!", stated Mr. Thomas.

Teacher Wendy Chasar

Mrs. Chasar's students complete academic work from their home school districts. Since every school has now moved to online education, she has had to be creative with the changes that have cultivated. Due to our online security, we do not have access to Google Classroom, which many schools are utilizing at this time. So her students are working with online programs such as Apex, Aurora, and Plato. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Mrs. Chasar uses Google Meet to virtually connect with our residents and she offers the guidance that they need to complete their coursework!

Brush Tips

Cheri Smith

So What's It Like?

We are often asked what our kids' daily routine is like so we will try to "paint" a picture of it for you, keeping in mind that each day is a little different from the others. That said, this should give you a pretty good idea of daily life here.

6:00am - Our kids wake up; take care of personal hygiene, clean their cell and unit

7:00am - Breakfast

8:00am - School

12:00pm - Lunch

12:30pm - School

2:00pm - Passive recreation or gym

3:00pm - Group counseling (different types each day)

5:00pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Passive recreation or gym

7:00pm - Snack time

8:00pm - Showers

9:00pm - Lights out

And worked in with all the above is:

- Visitation with parents/guardians three times per week

- Faith-based services three times per week

- Two movies per week

- Therapeutic music weekly

- Therapeutic art weekly

- Therapy dogs once per week

- Monthly presentations from our County health department, Medina library, Jobs For Ohio's Graduates

- Guest speakers as we are able (and we able quite a bit!)

One of our overarching goals is to keep our kids out of their cells and engaged in productive activities as much as we can. A side benefit of this is that it keeps our kids from becoming bored and causing problems, but why would we not keep them as engaged as we can? That makes no sense to us.

Additionally; we have attorneys, counselors, therapists, clergy members, probation officers, volunteers, and many others in and out of our building spending time with our kids (not presently, of course). And every single one of them are here for the same purpose - to help our kids get on the right track. We look forward to the day when they can all begin coming back in. Hope all this helps you "see" what life is like for us here!

Did You Know?

All our youth are provided a guidebook upon their arrival that contains the rules of our facility and a host of other information and encouragement to help them have the most beneficial stay with us they can. One of the items in the guidebook is a list of all U.S. presidents and the dates they served. Our kids can earn extra commissary items by memorizing all the names and dates served - and guess what? Some do!!

Can YOU do that??!!

And Just What Are The Commissary Items?

Our kids do not have access to money while with us. They are able to earn though, the following items through good behavior.


Chocolate donuts

Hot fries



Chocolate chip cookies


BBQ chips


Crumb cakes

Extra visitation time and/or phone calls with family

We have a few other items they can earn as well but this gives you an idea. We know, these things are not very healthy but all their daily meals are!


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