One for the Murphy's By:Lynda Hunt

Written By: Gabbie Sutherland 3rd Block ELA


The setting of this story is when Carley is placed in foster care, and she is moved into the Murphy's home, in Connecticut. This setting impacted the story because that was where the setting was all throughout the story unless the Murphy's went somewhere. Carley was put in foster care so wherever she went that's were she stayed until someone either adopted her, or the parents/parent wanted her back.


The conflict in this story is that Carley doesn't know who she should trust or what decisions she should make. She can't decide weather to stay with the Murphy's or with her mother. This conflict makes the story understandable because not knowing what to say or what decisions to make is a big part in the story because after Carley seen her mother in the end, she doesn't want to leave the Murphy's home but she wants to be with her mother. So, she doesn't know who side she's on or who she should stay with.

Rising Action

Step 1 of the rising action was when Carley first met all of the Murphy's.

Step 2 was when Carley was introduced to the three boys, Micheal Eric who was the youngest, Adam who was the middle child, and Daniel who was about Carley's age.

Step 3 was when Carley was introduced to her new bedroom which was Micheal Eric's old room that was a fire truck bedroom.

Step 4 was when Mrs. Murphy was going to enroll (put) Carley in school since she was going to be staying at the home for quite a while.

Step 5 was when Carley disliked the Murphy's and ran away as far and as fast as she could.

Step 6 was when Mrs. Murphy and Carley went shopping for clothes for school.

Step 7 was when Carley went to school for the first time and met Toni.

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The climax of the story was when the police came to the Murphy's home and asked Carley about the incident with Dennis and her mother. This makes the story understandable because that's how Carley was first put in foster care, and the police were concerned how it all happened.
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Falling Action

Step 1 was when Carley lied about the whole foster thing to Toni and Toni finds out and that ruins their friendship.

Step 2 is when Carley and Toni see each other at school in the cafeteria, and since Carley and Toni were no longer friends, Carley sat alone at the lunch table, when one of Toni's friends Rainer starts to throw things at Carley, Toni told Rainer to back off. When Carley realized that she stood up for her, her and Toni started talking and became friends again.

Step 3 is when Carley finds out that her mother is in rehab so she can start to feel better.... and start to walk again.

Step 4 is when Carley goes to see her mother for the first time during rehab.

Step 5 is when Carley's mother said she would be getting out of rehab in about a week and Carley realizes that she only has a week to say goodbye to the Murphy's and to Toni.

Step 6 is when Micheal Eric has a seizure and Carley has to take care of the boys.

Step 7 is when Carley skips school to go to the library to find a CD that her and her mother used to listen to when she was younger.

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The resolution of this story is when Carley has to say her goodbye's to the Murphy's and Toni trying her hardest not to cry. This fits with the plot because Carley at first didn't want to stay with the Murphy's and now she doesn't want to leave them.
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Caracter Traits

~Carley was always helping the Murphy's with dinner and helping the boys get settled in at night. She liked helping out Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Murphy because it made her feel like she was apart of the family.

~Carley's thoughts and words were always about the Murphy's, Dennis (her stepdad), Toni, or anything that anyone said was something she always talked to herself about.

~Mrs. Murphy liked Carley because when Mr. Murphy pulled Mrs.Murphy aside he said to her "I open the checkbook this morning to pay the bills, and I see you've spent a fortune on her."

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