Kylie and Savannah


Jake Cullen has to live in his older brothers shadows. When the 1 string quarterback gets hurts he gets a chance to come out of his family's name. He has to over come adversity with his family, school, football, and teammates. Jake works hard to impress his father in hope of proving he belongs in the family.

Book Critique

We thought the book was good because we like the topic and understand conflict. The book was interesting because he went from third string to passing his brother as a quarterback. The book let us see into the eyes of a football players and how hard the game is mentally and physically. It taught us to work hard at the things you love.

Literary Devices

Hyperbole pg. 83: your brother had the whole stadium shaking today

Simile pg 130: Like the players on the team where just more callers to ol' J.D's radio show

Simile pg 225: the ball sailed through the twilight like a shooting star until it came down into Jake's hands.

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3rd Person limited because we know only Jake's thoughts and it uses pronouns.
QB1 by Mike Lupica