Weekly Tech News

September 1, 2017

Morning Trainings Start Next Week

JOT sessions focusing on Twitter start next week! Meeting with Wolf Lake on Tuesday at 7:45 in the art room. The Junior High meets on Thursday at 7:45 in my room (217). Specific dates are below:

Wolf Lake 9/5

JR High 9/7

AE 9/12

SR High 9/14

CN Tech Fellowship Program

The tech fellowship selection process has wrapped up. The following individuals will be participating in the fellowship program this year:

  • Loree Sprague
  • Brenda Fleetwood
  • Kandi Hosted
  • Susie Hague

I'm looking forward to working with the individuals in the program and plan to share the great things they do with all of you!


The team had their very first meeting this week! It was crazy, they were excited, and we were all learning! As the year goes on, I will keep you updated on what these third graders are doing!

Elementary Tech Team Application

The tech team application is live at both elementary schools. The teams developed the tasks, created the intro video, and even did some editing work. While I did have a hand in placing the items in Canvas, they did a majority of the work. They are all looking forward to seeing students complete the tasks that they developed.

3D Printers

The 3D printers were deployed into the different buildings. I have printed several things and, for the most part, am getting the hang of it. My next step is to try designing an item and printing it. From there I'd like a few students to try creating and printing a design of their own!

Elementary Canvas Refresher

As you get back into Canvas for this school year, here are some slides to help you get everything back to where it was last year. These slides cover importing content, setting your homepage, and resetting your homeroom class from last year to this year.


I know that these steps appear overwhelming simply by appearance. If you would prefer to go through them with me, send an email and we can set up a time.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!