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What is the Peak Experience?

The Peak Experience is an one in life time chance to be on the top of the world. In our business we have the chance to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, but this chance only comes once a year.

Economic Impact

Since the 1950's Sherpa and other people have been trashing the mountain and using the forest and trees like an inn. Since this has been happening the Nepal Government has not put a law on the tourism but they actually encourage it because there so much money in that area.

The Nepal government should either put a limit to tourism or have others clean up trash to clean up Everest. The economic impact that has been shown these days has been destroying Mount Everest.


The best days to summit Everest is through the months of September and December because that’s when it was good climate.The climate of Mount Everest is naturally extreme; the coldest month to summit is in January. There is very low level of oxygen on Mount Everest which means to climb Everest you will need to acclimatize to the oxygen in Nepal, you will have to be very careful when climbing because if you rush to get to the summit you will get liquid in your lungs and you won’t be able to summit.

You need to be prepared for this

Youngest to summit to the top of Everest by Holly Angelo

A young boy only the age of 14 has reached the summit of Mount Everest just days before his 15th birthday, but he didn’t do on his own he had some friends from Peak Experience. The Peak Experience Company helped him get to the summit illegally; a rude captain was getting suspicious that there was a boy who was not allowed on the mountain. Their only chance was to disguise Sun-Jo as a Sherpa, so he rode under hay on bulls to the summit. Then there was a switch in the plan they decided to take the other route so Sun-Jo wouldn’t get caught.

At last Sun-Jo finally made it to the top as the youngest person to climb Everest, so now that he can go to school and pay for his education for him and his two sisters…

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