Froggy News

November 5, 2014

This Weeks Events


-Spirit Assembly 1:30 PM-wear your Ripple Shirt


-Veteran's Day -wear Red, White and Blue in honor of our Veterans (please see the Gayman Gazette for details)


-9:00 AM-The CB East Patriot's Player's (including my daughter) will be performing some scenes from the play Peter Pan. The show is sold out! The kids and I can't wait to see the show!!!!

-1:30-2:15 PM Building Instrument Day


If you haven't signed up for parent conferences please do so ASAP!!! Please follow the link to sign up for your child’s conferences: . Please sign up using your child's name. Conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes; however, we built a 5 minute travel time between slots for families attending multiple conferences. Remember, students are to attend this conference with you. If you are unable to make one of the times listed, please email me so we can find a convenient date and time that will work before or after school.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Building Instrument Day

Thank you for all those parents that volunteered! Please arrive at 1:30 PM on Friday. We will have the following parents coming in to help us out: Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. Stencler, Ms. Swaney, Mrs. Keyser, Mrs. Glasby, Mrs. Testani, and Ms. Luan.

We have plenty of building materials but we are in still in need of the following:

  • Roll of duct tape

  • Hot glue guns (please write your name on it)

  • Extension cords (please write your name on it)

Table 2 won a Lunch Bunch with Mrs. V. for good behavior!

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This week in reading we are going to be reading the nonfiction book The Remarkable Adaptable Turtle. The main skill that we are going to be working on is summarizing. By summarizing we understand and remember more of the important information. In order to make this fun the children will be introduce to two turtle characters that will help them to learn this important skill. I have been making up small cards (like baseball cards) with each skill we have been learning and the kids have been putting the cards on a ring. Hopefully by having these rings of skills it will help them to remember. They really like the cards and the different characters!


In Math this week we will be learning about the following:

  • frames and arrows having two rules
  • making change by counting up
  • solving multistep problems for amounts under $1.00

Please be sure your child is doing Extra Math for homework at least 2 times a week.

Writer's Workshop

In Writing this week we will be continuing working on our outdoor story by learning to reread to tell more and add more details to our stories. We will also learn about conjunctions and writing a list.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will learning about learning about where the different Native Americans lived. We will also be learning about Veteran's Day and writing post cards to vets on Tuesday.


We will be finishing up our Science Unit on Sound this week. On Monday we will be designing our instruments and building them on Friday. Next week we will be having our test.


In spelling we are on Sort 14. We will be learning about short o and long o patterns. Be sure to go to Spelling City web site and look for Sort 14 for this weeks words.



Math Home Link 3.5

Spelling page 31

Wear Red, White, and Blue on Tuesday


Math Home Link 3.6

Spelling page 32


Math Home Link 3.7

Spelling page 33


Math Home Link 3.8

Study spelling words

Extra Math 2 times a week