McDonalds coffee

McDonalds coffee

This add is about a McDonalds' coffee. The add shows that the McDonalds coffee is so rich and creamy. This add says however you take coffee, it will always taste rich, smooth and delicious every time. I think the message is that when you are tired have a cup of coffee from McDonalds. The techniques used in this add are Emotional Appeal, Glittering Generality, Cause and Effect, Technical Jargon, slogan, jingle and logo.

Emotional Appealing and Glittering Generality

Emotional Appealing is a technique using emotion to sell a product. In this ad there is a woman enjoying the smell and taste of her coffee from McDonald. The woman was also smiling after drinking a cup of coffee. The ad is also using Glittering Generality which is a general feeling after using the product. The feeling after drinking coffee in the ad felt so good.

Cause and Effect and Technical Jargon

Another techniques used in the coffee add is Cause and Effect and Before and After. Cause and Effect happened in the ad when the woman was tired after moving objects into her house which caused her to have a cup of McDonald coffee. Technical Jargon is when you uses technical words to impress the consumer. The words used in the ad are rich, smooth and delicious to describe the coffee.

Logo and Slogan

At the end of the add, they show the McDonald' logo and slogan. The slogan they showed was I Lovin' it and showed the logo.