Why the Giraffe's Neck is So Long

A Story about Giraffes

There once was a little giraffe named Bobby. There were only three giraffes in the entire world and little Bobby was one of them; him, his mom, and his dad. Bobby was so small compared to them though. They both some how got big, long necks, and for some reason Bobby had a short one. He knew he would probably have to wait and grow up, but he wanted to be like them.
The insane idea Bobby had to make his neck longer was to break it, and get a big long cast on it to stretch out his neck. So, he begged and begged to do gymnastics, so he could break his neck. The parents finally said yes to Bobby. So, on the first day of gymnastics, Bobby "accidentally" fell off the beam head first.
When Bobby went to the doctor, the doctor said it definitely was broken. So Bobby ended up having to get a big long cast that stretched out his neck. And that is the story of why giraffes necks are so long.
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