March News & February WOO HOOs!

Marchin' through March and celebrating a FABULOUS February!


February overall sales:

Team Sales: $8,630 (January 2014 - $7,028)

Total Parties: 17 (January 2014 - 9)

Total Recruits: 3 (Woooo! Welcome Mercedes Warren, Kerrie Pruitt, and Sara Phillips!)

February TOP Sellers

Bianca Santos - $1272

Soooooooooooooooo proud of you Bianca!!!!!

Others who had FANTASTIC February sales were:

Over $1000:

Lindsey Lawhon - $1,099

Brittney Bame - $1,092

Sara Ramseur - $1,011

Over $500:

Amanda Jones - $632

Over $200:

Jennifer Lambert - $443

Erin Grall - $337

April Stidham - $264

Melissa Wisor - $255

Kim Robinson - $218


Just last month we have added three ladies to our team! Three of us have taken the time to share the opportunity with others. Remember, Thirty One is an opportunity. Think of how it is a blessing in your life, and be willing to share that blessing with others. When we have that mind-frame SHIFT we are more willing to share and inadvertently attract more ladies!

WELCOME to TEAM K.A.L.E. Ladies!!!

From now until March 15th anyone who joins Thirty-One has the opportunity to do it for FREE* (just by entering $1000 in their first 30 days). SHARE this incentive with your friends, family, hostesses, and customers. What a GREAT time to join our AMAZING family!
Who? ALL of you!

What? The biggest celebration and training session you have been a part of! This is a time where you can learn new and innovative ways to keep your business soaring into the next season! PLUS you get a girls weekend AWAY!!! SO much fun!

When? July 23rd - 25th

Where? Columbus, Ohio

Why? Statistics show that consultants who go to National Conference earn up to FOUR TIMES MORE INCOME!!! Woooo! What will you do with that extra income?

Remember... if you treat this as a hobby, it will pay you as a hobby. If you treat it as a job, it will pay you like a job.

"You gotta SHOW up to GO up!" - Sara Seleet

Conference STARS!

Some of you are already on your way to earning National Conference for FREE! The following ladies have earned STARS!

FOUR STARS = $100 off Conference

Catie Kale - 6

Sara Ramseur - 6

Brittney Bame - 4

Bianca Santos - 4

Lindsey Lawhon - 4

TWO STARS = $50 off Conference
Jennifer Lambert - 3

Kim Robinson - 2

Amanda Jones - 2

Kerrie Pruitt - 2

Mercedes W. - 2

Sara Phillips - 2

You have until April 30th to EARN your STARS! :)

My stats

Personal Volume (February): $1784.00

Total Parties: 2

Based on my stats for February, a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $446.00 in commissions. Because I chose leadership I earned $704.90! Ladies - take the journey into leadership with me. The rewards are amazing!

Based on our team and downline sales for this month a Director or above could earn paychecks (depending on their title) as shown in the chart below.

Director - $704.90

Senior Director - $1,046.40

Executive Director - $1,846

Senior Executive Director - $3,686

National Executive Director - $22,446

Becoming a Leader will increase your paycheck so share the gift of Thirty-One with everyone you meet and call me if you want me to help you in achieving leadership. I am here for you.