Fishery officer

Alyssa D


The average salary for a fishery officer is between $45,000-$76,000. Depending on your position,experience, and qualifications you could be paid more or less than another employee.


There are a wide range of qualifications needed to be a fisheries officer. Having a Bachelors in Science in Fisheries Management will get you on the lower side of the salary rate. Having more qualifications will allow you to get a higher position. Higher qualifications needed include Bachelors in Biology/Zoology and a Masters Ecology.

Job description/ duties

There really isn't an average day for a fisheries officer. Fish surveys, river surveys, paperwork, responding to fish kills, and making sure the fish aren't in the wrong rivers is a part of a fisheries officer's job. For a fisheries officer there isn't a typical day.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

The relationship here is clear. The fisheries officers take care of the fish. They fix the problems that a river could be having. Such as, the wrong fish in the rivers or a lot of fish dying. The fisheries officer is responsible for investigating why it had happen.


There are many advantages of being a fisheries officer. First, you don't have to sit in a cubicle all day, you get to be outside working by the water. Also, you would feel good about changing the environment.


There are few disadvantages being a fisheries officer. First the fisheries officers have to work in all weather conditions. Next, I can only imagine the smell, especially responding to a fish kills.

Interesting facts

Fishery officers often work irregular hours, weekends, holidays, and nights. A requirement is having regular color vision (not color blind).