Willemstad Times

By: Evan B

Blind boy survives on island alone

WT: So, Phillip, How Did you get stranded on this forgotten island?
Phillip: Well my mother didn't like it here in curacao so she wanted to move back to Norfolk, Virginia. But at 2a.m., we were torpedoed by the Germans.

WT: Wow!! How did you survive the blast?
Phillip: I don't know, but i remember getting a blow in the head from a large piece of glass,Which knocked me out, And i woke up with the chefs cat named Stew Cat, and a black man named Timothy.

WT: How did you go blind?
Phillip: Well, I thought Timothy was just a stupid old black man, So when he told me "Don' look direct at d'sun" but i didn't acknowledge him.

WT: Why didnt you listen to him?
Phillip: Because my mother told me blacks are not the same as us. they are different.

WT: And you beleived her?!
Phillip: Of course! Shes my mother!

WT: What were some of the emotions you felt while you were there?
Phillip: I felt mad at Timothy and my mother. And sad because we were stranded on that island.

WT: How did you get found?
Phillip: I got sea grape which had oil on it and burned it to make visible black smoke.

WT: Would you say you gained courage or lost confidence?
Phillip: I think i gained courage because i could do things blindly that timothy couldnt do with sight.

WT: Was Timothy a close friend?
Phillip: Not at first, But then i realized it doesnt matter if your black or white. where all the same in some way.

WT: Do you wish to go back to that island?
Phillip: Yes.

Timothy Gumbs Obituary

Timothy Gumbs, Of Charlette Amalie

was a Black man who lived in Curacao. He was born with a woman named Hannah Gumbs. He had always dreamed of being called "Captin'." He worked long and hard and before long, maybe in his forties, he could afford a schooner called "Tessie Crabb". At age seventy he was a deckhand of the schooner "S.S. Hato". it was struck by a German torpedo at about 2:00. He found a boy knocked out and put him on a raft. He lived on the island for 1 year with a blind boy named Phillip Enright Jr. until he was killed by a hurricane where debris and rocks lacerated him. He was a great man for helping this boy survive on an island and keep him alive. He will always be remembered.
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Update on WWII

The Americas have joined in on the war and sir Alexander is appointed commander in chief of Britain.
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