Kingdom News

Linda King, JCMES 1st grade


We are back to our routine and pushing for our big finish! Its hard to believe that we only have 9 weeks left in this school year. This is the time of year that I start to get a little concerned. I feel like we still have a lot to do, but the days are racing by. Please help me keep your child focused on finishing strong!

We have made a few changes in our spelling work. Students will now take more responsibility for the work that they do. They are given a sheet with 16 options for activities. Each week they will choose 4 to do. We will be holding them to a high standard for the quality of the work as well. I believe that it is a natural progression in preparing them for the more challenging work and the requirement for more independence coming in 2nd grade.


Thursday, April 12!

Spring packets will come home once they are printed. You will either send money in for the pictures you want to purchase or return the packet to school.

Class pictures will be taken and will sell for $9. Make checks out to Strawbridge and send that in April 12, if you want to purchase a class photo.