1960 San Francisco Earthquake...

Earthquake History

Were It Happend:

The Eathquake happend In San Francisco and on the coast of Northern california. The Lattitude and longitude of were it happend was located at 37° 45′ 0″ N, 122° 33′ 0″ W.

What Happend:

On Wednesday April 18th 1906 at 5:12 am the unexpected happend to San Francisco and the Coast of Northern California. A major earrthquake broke out, it was caused by something that happend in the ocean. While the earthquake was going on devirse fires then broke out in the city as well. The fire fighters could not keep up with the massive distruction.

The after damage:

After the earhtquake was over people rushed over to help out and give them the aid and care that they would need. Almost imediantly after the quake people were trying to figure out how they were gunna help rebuild the city. They had members from the bank pitch in and help pay for the equitment that they would need to rebuild the town. at the time they were done rebulding the city they tallied it all up and it took them $235 million dollars to rebuld all of the city. The people were relieved that there town was back to normal again.

Past ishues:

There hasent really been any issues recorded before this because it happened so early.