Happy Wrap-Up Party!

for some friends' birthday and the end of the semester!

Let's celebrate our Wrap-Up Party!

Hello, our lovely sons. ♡

We only have around a week left until the summer vacation. Yeah~!

You must be excited but sad. (because you cannot see us for a month! Terrible!)

To celebrate the end of the semester, we (your wonderful homeroom teachers, Yoon-cheol Park and Miji Kim) prepared a small party today.

If you want to join this party, PLEASE finish cleaning the classroom by 4:20p.m. and sit on your own place!

Things to remember!

1. Finish cleaning the classroom by 4:20p.m. and go back to your seat.

2. Say THANK YOU! before having a party.

3. Clean up your desks after party.

P.S) It is better for you to say "THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, TEACHERS!"

The Best Teachers!

The most handsome and kindest teacher, Yoon-Cheol Park.


The most beautiful and warm-hearted teacher, Miji Kim.