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Shadow Priests Stats for WOW

Skills and knowledge are important for you in the World of Warcraft game, enough wow gold is also of great importance.Here are some stats which can help you in the game:
Hit cap is the most important aspect of gearing for a shadow Priest. Hit on gear gives you the highest benefit per point of any stat when you are below hit cap. Once capped, more hit is useless, though you might take an item with a lot of hit on it that allows you to trade hit elsewhere for other stats.
Spell damage is the most important damage stat after hit capped. It increases the damage done by your spells based on the scaling coefficient of that specific spell.
Crit is important for shadow Priests for four reasons:
The first reason is that critical strikes for the properly-specced shadow Priest do twice normal damage.The second one is mods your Damage over Time damage by a percentage equal to your spell critical strike chance.The third one is increases spell damage indirectly in conjunction with Glyph of Shadow. With this glyph, you get a 10-second buff every time you crit that increases your spell damage by 10% of your spirit.The last one is mana regeneration. Mind Blast and SW: Death crits proc Imp Spirit Tap.

Spirit mana regeneration is modded by Intellect. Full spirit regeneration does not occur during spell-casting and for five seconds of non-casting after completing a spellcast. This is known as the Five Second Rule. Untalented, no spirit regeneration occurs within the Five Second Rule, only regeneration from mana per five seconds on your gear.
Meditation allows a constant 50% of this to occur inside the Five Second Rule; Imp Spirit Tap both increases your spirit (by 10%) and allows 33% of your spirit regeneration to occur inside the Five Second Rule for the 8-second duration of the buff.
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Three Basics for Enjoying World of Warcraft

There're three basics any player should keep in mind before enjoying World of Warcraft online, whether they are newbies or veterans to other online role-playing games. Ownning enough wow gold is the core to this game.

The first basicis Attack. You can attack an enemy by right clicking on them; your character will attack automatically when they are close enough. They will tell you if you are too far away or if you are out of range. You can also press the number keys assigned with your characters' attack. For example, '1' for a basic sword swipe attacks.

The second one is looting. It will fall dead to the ground in some sort of dramatic endeavor and will begin to sparkle or shimmer after you attack your target. If you scroll your mouse cursor over the corpse you should get a little picture of three little bags. This gives you the option to loot the body of the corpse. You can set it up so that you automatically pick everything up when you loot or you can pick and choose what you want. Looting can be useful even when its trivial things like 'crunchy spider legs,' you can always sell them to any vendor gaining you some extra copper!

The last one is Heal. It is useful for you to be able to heal yourself when you take on lots of enemies. You can take the professions that World of Warcraft offers (there are six major and minor professions). Herbalism, Alchemy, and First Aid are useful to help you be able to collect herbs and make your own potions or to be able to bandage yourself after a fight. You can also buy potions or loot them off of dead enemy corpses. Another way to have healing abilities depends on the class you take, for example, a Priest, Mage, or Paladin all would have some sort of healing ability after a certain level. is a professional store which provides cheap wow gold with safe and fast delivery for all wow players. Just buy wow gold from us and enrich your gamelife from now on!