Sports Marketing

Sports Agent

Sports Agent

· Description of the job-

A sports agent procures and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for athletes.

· Aptitudes/skills necessary for the job- people, communication, problem solving skills, multitasking and sales and marketing.

· Required training (type of degree and/or certification needed)-bachelors degree in sports management.

· Where you can receive training for this job- law or business training.

· Wages (in GA and the nation)-50k in Georgia, 100k in (bigger cities).

· Job settings – firms, agencies, or sport facilities.

· Personalities suitable for this type of job- trust, reputation, honesty, accessibility.

· Other relevant information-You would arrange meetings, handle contract negotiations, field offers of employment or endorsement, offer financial advice and handle financial transactions.(middle man)

How many jobs are available, what cities, what are the wages etc.- Big cities: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc... standard wages are 20- 80k.

What internships are available in the marketing field?- Many sports agencies offer internships for 5-10 years.

Using the Professional Social Networks document provide some specific resources for networking.- Many blogs and sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.