Week of October 19-23, 2015 Parent Newsletter

FES Speech/Language

Kdg Social Skills Groups: In this week's story, "The Group Plan" the kids in the story had to follow the group plan to help grandma make pie and homemade ice cream. This was tied into others feelings when one strays from the group/group plan. Today students completed hands-on role plays acting out making their own version of apple pie and ice cream using a group plan.

2-4th Social Groups: Superflex vs. Mean Jean - Students learned about the Unthinkable "Mean Jean" who says and does hurtful things to others. We learned about how Tattling just to get others in trouble is hurtful. We learned the importance of Telling/Reporting to a teacher dangerous situations to keep our friends and us safe. Before telling the teacher, students learned to ask themselves questions to distinguish situations that require a student to Tell or Report to the teacher.

Articulation/Language Groups: This week, articulation students used the iPad to work on target sounds using apps that focus on self-monitoring their own recorded production.

Older Elementary Language Groups: Students worked on listening and language processing skills to better categorize vocabulary and follow directions. Students continue to work on cloze sentences in order to improve word finding and comprehension. Students also worked on auditory memory and organizing their thoughts for verbal expression.

FMS Speech/Language

FMS Language Groups: We used technology resources in order to practice core curriculum and content vocabulary. Apps Which Goes Together; Which Does Not Belong; Quizlet; Bitsboard.

FMS Articulation Groups: Students practiced using target sounds at the sentence levels using iPad apps and interactive games for motivation.

FMS Social Skills Groups: The Zones of Regulation. Students worked on matching feelings vocabulary to facial expressions and pairing it to the correct zone with a follow-up Zones Bingo Game