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SOS Strategy: There's an A.P.P. for That

Students used the A.P.P. to identify author's purpose after reading four 3rd grade persuasive essays.

My Role as Digital Teacher Leader

  • Shared with the Hardin faculty how to access and utilize Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) on the Discovery Education website.
  • Took part in a Gallery Walk of strategies that were used in the classrooms of the Hardin Digital teachers' classrooms.
  • Shared with the district 3rd grade teachers at our ILD how to utilize the web tool, Zaption, in the classroom.


Are your students struggling with sequencing? I have a strategy for you, Get in Line! Provide students with a reading passage and as they read have them make notes of important events from the story (you can use post-it notes, index cards or even just plain paper). When students have finished making notes on the events, pair/partner them up to discuss the events with each other to see if any changes should be made.

Students can then complete a flow map sequencing the information, build a Discovery Education board showcasing the order of events, or create a physical sequencing of events by moving students to represent the order of events.

This strategy will work great with reading passages, books, and procedural text. Math teachers try using it to identify your problem solving steps, or multi step questions. Social Studies teachers try using this strategy to create timelines!

Mrs. Bundy

I am a 3rd grade Reading Teacher at Hardin Elementary. This is my 3rd year in third grade. Last year our district went to a 1:1 initiative with iPads. I am one of twenty technology leaders for our district that partners with Discovery Education.