IPad Rules

Students created these rules.

We will ......

Always keep the cover on the screen while walking with the iPad.

Not play games when Mrs. Brooks is teaching.

Not eat or drink around the iPad.

Not download games that are not allowed.

Not allow other people to damage the iPad.

Leave the case on the iPad.

Always know where the iPad is.

Tell the teacher if the iPad is broken.

Not take the iPad in the bathroom.

Not look up stuff we're not supposed to.

Not change password.

Only take the iPad home when the teacher says we can.

Only listen to music when the teacher says we can.

Never cyber bully.

Never send inappropriate emails.

Not leave our iPads at home.

Keep the iPad charged.

Not tell others our pass code.

Not leave it unattended.

Consequences to breaking rules....

Warning - verbal or email

1st broken rule - iPad taken for 1/2 day

2nd broken rule - iPad taken for whole day

3rd rule broken - iPad taken and parent called

4th rule broken - iPad taken, parent called, sent to principal's office.