The Princess Bride

By S. Morgenstern Rewritten by William Goldman


"The Princess Bride" is a story of true love and high adventure. Westley goes on a ship to america leaving Buttercup, his true love, behind. Meanwhile, Prince Humperdink is looking for a bride before his father, the king, dies.
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I recommend this book because it is a classic and funny parody of romantic fiction. It is also very moving. I think that people will enjoy this book because it's downright awesome!

"It's brilliant and utterly unique. I adore it" says Mary Rodgers, author of "Freaky Friday".

Poster Created by: Adaline Merrifield

Adaline is a 5th grade student at Lewis Elementary. She loves to read and do art. She also likes to do math. She really thinks more people should read "The Princess Bride".