Patrick Harris

Amateur Photographer

Career Bio

Patrick Harris is a photography intern at an art studio in Houston Texas. Harris has been shooting photos for promotional purposes such as PRIVY Houston, private clients, and film for club and party events. Harris, while keeping a part time college career and full time high school career, has other duties on his plate such as working as a facilitator for an autistic and a dyslexic child. Harris was one of the first people in his family to actually follow through with their original career. His work ethic is based on his interest on the subject in question. He loves art and culture and is very open minded. Not so much as math or science because those subjects are meant to follow a formula, unlike art. Art has no formula. Art is about expressing how one feels. Harris does he best job of demonstrating the color and vibrancy in the colors of his subjects. Vibrant colors is love.

Some Of My Work