what is recycling?

recycling is to change old rubbish into new things we can use.

What materials can we recycle from home each week

We can recycle aluminium cans ,glass bottels and jars ,steel cans aerosols , paper, newspaper and magazines ,cardboard, liquid paperboard (milk and juice cartons) ,plastic bottles and containers in the Fairfield Council in our home each week.

Explain what 'reduce,reuse' means.

Reduce means to use less so we don't waste resources like water and electricity.

You can reuse materials instead of throwing them away.

Instead of chuking your rubish in the bin recycle them in the recycling bin things like cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard.

List three ways recycling helps our environment

Recycling stop the landfilds get higher and higher.

Recycling saves energy like electrisity.

Recycling is to cut the trees to have more bauxite.

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