Yeti- March Madness

Sullivan Nevins

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Latin Name

Migoi, Nepali


Usually a cave in various sizes
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There isn't an exact community that a Yeti would live with since Yeti are very protective, so they usually stay by themselves.


Yeti do not have a very clear niche for their ecosystem, they mainly just hunt large mammals and defends territory.


Mountains, or cooler climates.
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Many biomes such as grasslands at bottom of mountains, forest in the middle of the mountains, and tundra at the top of the mountains. All of these consist as a Yeti's biome.


- Icy altitudes

- Long periods of time without food source

- Mask the enviroment around them to avoid being spotted

Why will the Yeti win?

I chose the Yeti to win the competition because it has many survival techniques already and knows how to defend itself well, also it has good hunting experience against heavier prey.