what vegetation does Galveston have?

  • Grass plains
  • Prairie's
  • Wet lands

What is the population of Galveston

  • The population of Galveston is 78,733

the nice bodies of water near us

we have the big great bay near us plus we have the clean beaches!


our houses cost 140.000$ for a 3 bed 2 bath

How much do our apartments cost

For a two bedroom its $1,205

Jobs offered in Galveston

  • law enforcement
  • hotel hospitality
  • target

unemployment rate

4.3% wow that's low!!! :)

when was Galveston established

Galveston was established in 1817

what is the origin of Galveston

The origin of Galveston was established by an European pirate

Historical events

There was a hurricane in 1900 in Galveston

Special food in Galveston

papas pizza

Rita's Italian ice