3K News!

Week of April 20-April 24, 2015


4/25: Tatem Fair (10:00-3:00)

4/27-4/29: End of Year PARCC Assessment

4/30: 3K presents at Community Meeting (10:00)

5/1: Tigers Pride and Bake Sale and Chicken Run

No Paper Day Challenge


After being persuaded by our 3K petitions, we set out to challenge ourselves to have a No Paper Day. As a class we brainstormed different ways that we could still learn the same material, but not use any paper. We tried to use different materials such as slates, ipads, computers, and the smart board. We will present our tips and tricks at our community meeting on Thursday April 30th. We hope that our community meeting will inspire the rest of our Tatem community to take the No Paper Day Challenge.

You can follow our No Paper Day on twitter by using the hashtag #tatemnopaperday .

Cause and Effect in Our Classroom Journal

Students in 3K have been using our classroom journal as a way to showcase all of their great work. This week, we used our classroom journal during our reading centers to show our great progress of Cause and Effect. Each student found a cause/effect in their own independent reading book. They took a picture of their book and underlined the cause/effect that they found. We then discussed which cause/effects have a large impact on their book.

If you would like to follow your child's work on his/her classroom journal, please follow these steps:

Just follow this link: https://app.seesaw.me/s/923-192-777, choose your child's name, log-in to the website, and then after my approval, you can see all of your child's great work!

If you have any questions about how the app works, please let me know.

You Can Also Find Your Child's Friday Journal and Spelling this week on their Classroom Journal!

Pic Collage: Book Reports

We discovered a new way to share all of the great books we're reading in 3K! Using the app Pic Collage, students used pictures and text to share a summary of one of their favorite books. They recorded the characters, setting, and problem of their books. Students didn't share the solution of their stories, because they wanted readers to read to find out what happens!