Academic Progress

@ Glen Lea Elementary Library

Understanding the Organization of the Library

We integrate VA SOLs and AASL national standards when planning our lessons.

SOL: English- Oral Language

2.3 The student will use oral communication

e) Follow three- and four-step directions.

AASL Standard: Goal 1: Inquire critically, and gain knowledge.


1.1.4 Find, evaluate and select appropriate sources to answer questions

1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry.

Data to Show Growth

The results have been outstanding. After teaching and giving the final evaluation. Students have shown substantial progress for the last two years.

Finding Resources

Each 2nd grade class was given an initial evaluation, then were taught how to use the computer to find a book, identify if the book was available, go to the shelf, and find the book. They were then able to checkout their new treasures.