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Social Section

Immigrants, Short Term Nuisance or Long Term Problem?

The Irish, Russians, Italians,Germans, and just about everyone else in the Eastern Hemisphere seems to be pilling into boats in vast numbers to come to this nation of ours. Some escaping religious persecution, like the Yiddish, others just looking for food and job (See Irish Famine article below). 4.2 million of the buggers have entered through Ellis Island so far, and there doesn't seem to be any halt to their advance to trample all over our country. Some groups are against this large amount of people "invading" our homeland, mainly those who refer to themselves as "nativists", with even some claiming the only good foreigner is a dead one. But, despite their objections, they're still coming. Which raises the question, how much longer will we have to accept them. Until people start spilling over the sides into the Atlantic? The Report will be here through it all, loyal readers. What do you think? Is this just a fad, or an omen of worse times to come? Write the Report with your opinion, and you might just see it printed in some of the best ink and paper this side of the Western Hemisphere!
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Potato Famine Continues In Ireland

Today we examine one of the larger groups of immigrants that our flooding our nation, the Irish, and the reason they are registering in droves at Ellis Island. Nearly 1 million of the 4.2 million immigrants that have sailed over to America have been Irish. The reason? They're main source of food and trading, the potato, has fallen to some sort of blight. It is rendering the vegetable unusable and uneatable. This prompted families in Ireland to send their best, brightest, strongest, and toughed willed alike to tough it out here in America until they can raise money to bring their family along. This is the largest group of immigrants, next to the Germans

Political Section

Nashville Convention Wraps Up

The Nashville Convention has ended, and we dear readers had the pleasure of covering this event. Here, 9 delegates from Southern states attempted to come to an agreement on how best to protect slave owners rights, and also attempted to extend the line covered by the Missouri Compromise, which was put in place by our hard working, good man in that dammed black hole of progress, Congress. Who's to say that their demands are to be met, as there are rumors of another Compromise and Act on the horizon, once again orchestrated by our dear old fellow Henry Clay and a new up and comer Fredrick Douglas respectively. The Report will give it to you all reader as the situation continues throughout the year.

California Welcomed into the Union

You may have heard of this fantasy land out west, called California. Whispers of gold and riches flooding from the west, beckoning any man not tied down to come out and make a fortune for himself. This of course, has caused a large population boom for the mineral loaded region, which has just qualified it for entry into our Great Union. Let us hope this bodes well for the booming state, and all its current and future occupants. But do not fear loyal readers, the Report will not abandon you for gold, for the best riches are told here in this paper. See more about the gold boom below in our Economical Section

Economical Section

California Gold Rush Keeps On Rushing

Approximately 300,000 young men have gone to the famous golden country in search of a better life and the chance to strike it rich. Finding no ties back East, these men journeyed West to figure out something new. Unfortunately, while it looks like the gold they're mining is worth billions, they won't see a cent. Big business has taken notice, and are profiting more off selling them equipment than the men actually mining the stuff. I guess you could say that the gold rush has "panned" out for these intrepid adventurers.

Goodbye Canals, Greetings Railroads

You may have heard of the steam engine, or at least heard one as it chugged along by your house. Whether you appreciate the technological behemoth of steam and steel or despise it, you can't deny they are here to stay. Previously, our nation was able to get along with canals connecting different regions. No longer! Now instead of digging canals, the hard working men of the Union are laying rails down, hopefully one day binding our nation in steel from coast to coast.